Berliner Schokoladen Spezialitäten GmbH


To enable you to deep dive into the BECORE’s dynamic controlling tools and reporting, let´s have a look at our business case: The Berliner Chocolate Factory.

The CEO of the company asks you to provide him a clear understanding of its business performance situation related to the first semester 2017.

How BECORE can support you?

 Dashboard report

Dynamic interactive report – Delivered on Monthly basis

A complete interactive dashboard enabling you to quickly play with all the KPIs you need for specific operational analyses. (see more)

Weekly Sales Report

PDF, Power Point & dynamic interactive report – Delivered on Weekly basis

A weekly sales report (possibility to have it on daily basis), that will enable you to closely follow your sales… (see more)

Let’s go through the following combined KPIs to clearly understand the Berliner Chocolate Factory business and financial situation at the end of June 2017. (see more)