Why choose BECORE

Why choose BECORE controlling and reporting services?

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure, You Can’t Improve it if You Can’t Measure it

 Match your Business and financial growth

Grow serenely with full flexibility

Pay as you grow

Grow serenely ensuring that your business goals do match with the financial ones

  • Clear understanding on your business performance situation at every moment
  • Monitor the setting and achievement of your business and financial goals within your teams
  • Keep your people getting back at doing what they love

Keep agility and flexibility driving your controlling activities

  • No investment in an expensive and non- customized controlling software
  • No engagement to recruit one or an additional controller
  • Flexible and easy to adapt controlling tools avoiding any break of system

Pay as you grow – Fair price for a long term partnership

  • Get a full controlling technical solution at the same market price than a fully charged controller salary
  • Affordable price that will evolved in parallel to your reporting needs